Rate Limit

SwiftStack Controller enables the Rate Limit middleware by default on all Swift versions.

Rate limiting is performed on requests that result in database writes to the account and container sqlite dbs. It uses memcached and is dependent on the proxy servers having highly synchronized time. The rate limits are limited by the accuracy of the proxy server clocks.


Click on the Rate Limit link on the Manage Cluster page Middleware tab to enable and configure the Rate Limit middleware.



If set, will limit PUT and DELETE requests to /account_name/container_name. Number is in requests per second.


Represents how accurate the proxy servers’ system clocks are with each other. 1000 means that all the proxies’ clock are accurate to each other within 1 millisecond. No ratelimit should be higher than the clock accuracy.


App will immediately return a 498 response if the necessary sleep time ever exceeds the given max_sleep_time_seconds.


To allow visibility into rate limiting set this value > 0 and all sleeps greater than the number will be logged.


Number of seconds the rate counter can drop and be allowed to catch up (at a faster than listed rate). A larger number will result in larger spikes in rate but better average accuracy.


Comma separated lists of account names that will not be rate limited.


Comma separated lists of account names that will not be allowed. Returns a 497 response.